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    • Overview
      EcoMan was established in response to the growing need for quality training to support the business community within your Company, Department or Organization by providing a high standard of Training Programs, Courses, Seminars, Workshops and Consultancy Services to employees in a very competitive business environment.

      Following the latest trends and ideas in Technology and Management techniques, and with its in-depth knowledge of the business environment, EcoMan is able to meet the special requirements of both local and international business throughout the Middle East.

      Our Objectives
      • Bringing your staff up to date with the latest techniques.

      • Improve their performance.

      • Deepen their understanding of their working environment.

      • Provide new ideas they can use in their daily tasks.

      Experience of EcoMan
      EcoMan is an International Organization based in Abu Dhabi (Head Office). We have regional offices in UK and associates in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. EcoMan is an organization of joint venture companies joined together to conduct and market their specialized courses in-group under the name of EcoMan.

      Our EcoMan Consultancy Co. are: Qualified and experienced international speakers, have been selected from UK, USA, Canada, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, book writers and academic instructors. some of them have started training in their specialized field for more than 30 years and oriented to our Gulf Area. Our panel of speakers run courses in UK, USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Australia, UAE and the Gulf States (Bahrain and Qatar, Saudi Kingdom, Oman and Kuwait).

      Our Customers
      • Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Refinery Companies
      • The private sector, Major Middle and Small group of companies
      • Industrial and Commercial Companies
      • The Government Ministries and Departments
      • Banks

      Our Goal
      Our goal is the provision of the highest level of service, which will equip you with the best possible training packages you require. All of our staff are highly qualified, and all our packages are designed by professionals in conjunction with academics in various industries, thus providing a unique combination. This blend of vocational, personal and academic experience means that the training packages offered by EcoMan are always of the highest quality, and we aim to constantly upgrade our courses and seminars to keep abreast of, and sometimes preempt, the latest trends in Management, Industry and Technology.

      Public Training Courses
      EcoMan provides a supportive environment in which to make the most of the opportunities available. EcoMan courses, seminars and programs give delegates the chance to develop the wider skills and creativity that the modern workplace demands. Participants will benefit from sharing experiences with other people attending the course.

      In - Company Courses
      EcoMan courses are designed to provide customized programs to meet the specific needs of your Company. Selected topics can be combined to form a coherent program in the most cost effective way. The main objectives of such training are to introduce participants to the latest techniques and to ensure their full understanding of established working practices in the fields in which they are specialized or are operating.

      EcoMan Trained Experts are available to offer advice on designed programs and courses. We will work with you to create to your requirements, tailored Training Packages to be conducted. If you would like to take advantage of this service please contact our Courses Co-ordinator.In-Company Courses are very cost effective and organizations have the opportunity to screen and select delegates to ensure maximum benefits

      In - Company Course Fees
      We consider ourselves to be your partners in developing and training your staff. Fees have been set at levels which will encourage the training process.